Why Take a Canadian Pioneer of Agricultural Technologies Public?

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August 17, 2021
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November 22, 2021

Why Take a Canadian Pioneer of Agricultural Technologies Public?

Conducting advanced Agricultural Technology Research and Development is a costly and time consuming venture. In North America the planting/seeding season only really comes once a year for approximately 6 weeks. If you miss a seeding window you essentially have to wait another 12 months for testing. The capital required to develop disruptive and game changing ag technology requires staying in for the long haul.

Traditional venture capital does not usually have the patience to stay in and the major ag technology and machinery companies usually don’t want to play in the innovation ecosystem in agtech. Clean Seed went public to access patient capital through placements easily accessed through the public markets. It allowed Clean Seed to get initial funding to grow its team, IP portfolio and now its commercial products. Although interestingly they have very little institutional money in Clean Seed. About 70% of their shares are held by insiders and the farming community who believe in what they are doing to disrupt and change the way agriculture plants and seeds crops world wide.

They are essentially a publicly traded private company that is tightly held. One way you can see this is by their low volume of shares traded, stable market pricing and the big difference between buy and ask. They view their current market cap as a very conservative measure of what we are doing as a company and educating the investors about Clean Seed is what they are on a mission to do..

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