CI 25. Why Soft Skills Matter in Mining with Prime Contract Solutions

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September 20, 2023
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November 15, 2023

CI 25. Why Soft Skills Matter in Mining with Prime Contract Solutions

Discover how charisma, communication, and leadership can unlock superior project outcomes.

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Jason Fearnow, the CEO and Founder of Prime Contract Solutions, discussed his focus on the human element in the mining and project management industry. He emphasized the importance of soft skills and human development in achieving better project outcomes. Soft skills, like charisma, communication, and leadership, are often overlooked in an industry that primarily focuses on technical and operational aspects. However, Jason believes that a shift toward nurturing these skills can lead to more successful project execution and better outcomes.

Eric Demers and Gus Minor shared their experience with leadership training and highlighted the positive feedback they received. They discussed the need to consciously apply these skills in everyday work to bring about real change. The conversation underscored the growing recognition within the mining industry of the importance of human skills and personal development alongside technical expertise.

Overall, the discussion revolved around the evolving landscape of the mining industry, with an increasing focus on people, collaboration, and soft skills to improve project management and overall performance.

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