Unpackaging the Fuel Refinery & Bulk Petroleum Business with Otter Co op

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May 31, 2019
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May 31, 2019

Unpackaging the Fuel Refinery & Bulk Petroleum Business with Otter Co op

Greg Hallet explains Otter Co-op’s Petroleum Business which includes gas stations, bulk petroleum storage facilities, fuel delivery services and even a petroleum refinery plant. Greg has served as both a Bulk Petroleum Division Manager and Petroleum Division Manager for over 5 years with Otter Co-op and was a Gas Bar Manager with Calgary Co-op for 18 years. Within outlining the basic structures and business strategy to maintain a sustainable petroleum division, he also discussed the challenges of delivering fuel to complex sites such as large farms and implementing systems to coordinate locations with delivery drivers and the purchaser as well as required fuel quantities. Greg goes on to explain that although coordinating such a system has challenges it is crucial to operating efficiently by limiting delivery time and ensuring accurate amount of fuel is being transported daily.

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