TCONS 03. Unleashing Power in Vacuum Excavation: The Warlock W12 by Ditch Witch

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TCONS 03. Unleashing Power in Vacuum Excavation: The Warlock W12 by Ditch Witch

Discover its innovative design and unparalleled performance for hydro excavation, slot trenching, micro trenching, and more.

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Welcome to The Construction Show with host Jerrod Downey! In this episode, we have a special guest, Chris Thompson, the Product Manager at Ditch Witch. Filmed live at CONEXPO-CON/AGG in Las Vegas, Nevada, we’re thrilled to feature a groundbreaking product that Ditch Witch is taking over the market with.

In this episode, Chris Thompson introduces the Warlock, the first in Ditch Witch’s Warlock series of truck-mounted vacuum excavators. Unlike traditional PTO truck backs, the Warlock utilizes the truck engine’s power to drive a transfer case, resulting in a more powerful vacuum system. With impressive capabilities, this vacuum excavator is perfect for hydro excavation, slot trenching, micro trenching, and other high-end jobs.

Join us as we delve into the specifics of the Warlock’s features and upgrades. With a CFM rating of approximately 5000 and 27 inches of mercury, this unit delivers outstanding performance. The 12 cubic yard tank capacity and 1200 gallons of fresh water on board ensure extended operation on job sites without frequent emptying or refilling.

During the show, we discuss the target users of this powerful vacuum excavator. Professional hydro excavators and excavator owners who need to daylight their drill jobs find immense value in the Warlock. Additionally, those who are tired of waiting for external services to handle their excavation needs can benefit from owning this unit.

Discover the return on investment (ROI) considerations when acquiring a vacuum excavator like the Warlock. By bringing excavation services in-house, owners can take control of their operations and avoid costly delays. Owning a unit becomes financially advantageous, especially when the utilization exceeds approximately one-third of the month.

Learn about the meticulous design process behind the Warlock as Chris Thompson sheds light on Ditch Witch’s commitment to delivering top-quality products. Extensive market research, customer interactions, and industry conventions contributed to the development of this exceptional truck-mounted vacuum excavator. Ditch Witch aimed to surpass competitors and provide a durable, reliable, and efficient solution.

If you’re interested in the vacuum excavation industry, this episode of The Construction Show is a must-watch. Gain insights into the cutting-edge features, application versatility, and the remarkable impact the Warlock can make on job sites. Don’t miss the chance to witness Ditch Witch’s innovative approach to vacuum excavators!

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