Underground Mapping Drones with SafeSight Exploration Inc

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Underground Mapping Drones with SafeSight Exploration Inc

Don't miss this captivating discussion with Jerrod Downey as we explore the future of underground mapping drones and the immense potential they hold for the industry.

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In this highlight episode, we have an insightful conversation with our guest Mike Campigotto, President of SafeSight Exploration Inc. Join us as we explore SafeSight’s pioneering approach in the underground mapping drone industry in Canada and their innovative use of cutting-edge technologies.

From the very beginning, SafeSight recognized the untapped potential of underground mapping drones in Canada. With a lack of prominent players in this field, they saw an opportunity to make a significant impact. However, their vision extended beyond just filling a market gap. SafeSight also recognized the tremendous technological advancements in components such as light cameras and drones.

Drawing inspiration from the rapid evolution of smartphones, where devices that were once the size of bricks now fit comfortably in our pockets, SafeSight anticipated a similar trajectory for drone technology. They envisioned a future where drones and their accessory components would become smaller, more powerful, and accessible to industries worldwide. For instance, the products they used on their drones have reduced from 15 pounds a decade ago to a mere 200 grams today.

Driven by their foresight and a commitment to safety, SafeSight positioned themselves as a safety innovator within the industry. They recognized that their technological advancements would not only bring about transformative changes but also enhance safety measures significantly. With this focus, SafeSight embarked on their journey, devising high-tech solutions to complex problems.

Join us in this engaging episode as Mike Campigotto shares SafeSight’s experiences, challenges, and successes in revolutionizing the underground mapping drone landscape. Discover how their innovative thinking and expertise continue to shape the industry, unlocking new possibilities and ensuring safer operations for all.

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