MN 155. TruScan Unveiled by Veracio: The Pioneering Technology in Mineral Exploration

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December 11, 2023
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MN 155. TruScan Unveiled by Veracio: The Pioneering Technology in Mineral Exploration

TruScan, VERACIO's cutting-edge XRF scanner, is redefining the landscape of mineral exploration and mining.

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In this highly technical thought leadership piece, Ravella sheds light on the evolution of TruScan, an industrial-grade XRF scanner revolutionizing mineral exploration and mining.

The discussion kicks off with insights into Veracio’s background and the initial inspiration behind TruScan. Ravella outlines the transformative journey, detailing key challenges faced in the early days. The conversation then shifts to the strategic acquisition of Minalyze, emphasizing the collaboration’s potential to advance industry breakthroughs.

As the interview progresses, Ravella explores the technical aspects of TruScan’s development, from continuous scanning improvements to the shift from AI-based to physics-based calibration. The integration of inert gas flooding, laser profilometer, and chip scanning methods is dissected, highlighting their impact on accuracy and effectiveness. The role of the V-Arm in ensuring data reliability is also unveiled.

The narrative extends to case studies showcasing TruScan’s impressive 2023 milestones and the subsequent discussion on the software enhancements and industry outlook. Ravella elucidates the significance of scalable software packages and introduces future plans for hyperspectral capabilities. The video concludes with insights into Veracio’s mission, fusing science and technology to unlock the value of scarce resources, promote sustainability, and streamline mining workflows.

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Guest Speaker: Michael Ravella – Chief Innovation Officer 
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