TCONS 08. Tire Safety Revolution: Doran Manufacturing’s TPMS Solutions

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June 15, 2023
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TCONS 08. Tire Safety Revolution: Doran Manufacturing’s TPMS Solutions

Learn how Doran embraced the challenge of developing TPMS for on-highway tractor-trailers, off-road mining equipment, and agricultural machinery.

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The Construction Show, hosted by Jerrod Downey, recently featured an insightful conversation with Lee Demis, the Vice President of Business Development at Doran Manufacturing. Doran Manufacturing, a company with a rich history spanning 70 years, has evolved from producing electrical interconnection components to customized fuse panels, school bus safety products, and eventually specialized in tire monitoring for various heavy-duty applications.

The interview covered the pivotal decision in the early 2000s when Doran ventured into tire pressure monitoring due to the TREAD Act mandating tire monitoring systems in passenger vehicles. Lee Demis, who joined Doran in 2008, discussed the challenges and innovations involved in developing TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems) for heavy-duty applications, such as on-highway tractor-trailers, off-road mining equipment, and even agricultural machinery.

One of the highlights of the conversation was the introduction of Yard Check 360, a system designed for assets that frequently return to a centralized location. Yard Check 360 utilizes Laura technology to provide real-time tire pressure and temperature data within designated areas, enabling proactive maintenance and enhancing equipment uptime.

This fascinating interview provides valuable insights into Doran Manufacturing’s history, their journey into the world of tire monitoring, and their commitment to providing innovative solutions for various industries. To dive deeper into this conversation and explore the products and technologies discussed, be sure to watch the full interview on The Construction Show.

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