MN 157. The State of Mining: Exploring Global Trends, Downturns, and Incremental Gains

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December 21, 2023
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January 3, 2024

MN 157. The State of Mining: Exploring Global Trends, Downturns, and Incremental Gains

Uncover global trends, potential downturns, and the keys to incremental gains in this dynamic conversation.

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In this episode, Sam engages in a dynamic conversation with industry expert Jerrod Downey, exploring the current state of the mining, construction, and resources sectors. The discussion kicks off with insights into the potential downturn in mining and construction, juxtaposed against the significant infrastructure investments in the United States and Canada. Jerrod shares his perspectives on the demand for lithium and its forecasted growth, while Sam delves into the implications of China’s reported population decline on the Australian mining industry.

The conversation shifts towards commonalities within the mining, agriculture, and construction industries, highlighting the importance of information sharing. Jerrod shares observations on branding and public perception in construction, the systemic approach of agriculture, and the unique challenges faced by the mining sector. The duo explores incremental gains and the pursuit of constant improvement, emphasizing the significance of effective communication. The discussion concludes with a spotlight on Geographe’s recent innovation – Lightweight Tray Sling Pins for CAT 793F haul trucks – showcasing the company’s commitment to providing incremental gains for their customers.

In the media conversations segment, Sam and Jerrod discuss the demanding schedule of industry tours, reflecting on their experiences at the IMARC conference. They touch upon the industry trends and topics covered during the conference, featuring companies like Veracio and Minalyze. Jerrod shares insights into what makes great content, emphasizing authenticity and core competencies. The conversation concludes with a discussion on the unique approach of Crownsmen, focusing on thoughtful planning, making guests comfortable, and prioritizing the featured individuals over mere influencer status. Join Sam and Jerrod for an insightful and engaging exploration of the current landscape in the mining industry.

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Guest Host: Sam Hyder – Chief Executive Officer
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Mining Now is a joint mining podcast and web series produced by CIM/ICM and Crownsmen Partners. Join us to learn about the latest innovations in operating mines to increase energy efficiency and production. We look into modern mining and processing equipment including autonomous vehicles and IOT technology. Experts tackle everything from skilled labour shortages to team building to meeting evolving safety regulations. This is the mining of today that will shape the mines of tomorrow.

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