The Process of Hydrochemolytic Technology Explained

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February 14, 2020
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June 7, 2023

The Process of Hydrochemolytic Technology Explained

Aduro Clean Technologies Inc., sheds light on an innovative process that harnesses the power of water and chemical deconstruction.

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Join us as we uncover the revolutionary hydrochemolytic technology in this episode of Building Energy. Gene Cammack, COO of Aduro Clean Technologies, sheds light on this innovative process that utilizes water and chemical deconstruction to unlock the potential of hydrocarbons.

Gene explains how hydrochemolytic technology works, using water to molecularly deconstruct hydrocarbons by breaking and reattaching bonds. The process generates hydrogen without directly consuming it, thanks to the introduction of bio-based substances like glycerol and cellulose.

Discover the fascinating world of hydrochemolytic technology and its impact on sustainable energy production. Subscribe now for more insightful discussions on cutting-edge energy innovations!

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Guest Speaker: Gene Cammack, Chief Operating Officer
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