MN 181. The Power of Knowledge: AMPS Academy’s Impact on Mining Education

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March 21, 2024
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MN 181. The Power of Knowledge: AMPS Academy’s Impact on Mining Education

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Brendan Parker, a seasoned expert in operational engineering and geology, shares his journey into the mining industry and discusses the thrill of being at the forefront of technological innovation. As the conversation unfolds, viewers will discover the mission behind AMPS and the birth of AMPS Academy, a game-changer in online training and upskilling for the mining sector.

With over 70 resource professionals, AMPS is renowned for its world-class support to mining technical service teams, unlocking value in mining operations globally. Brendan shares his fascinating journey into the mining industry, his experiences during his North American trip, and what he enjoys most about being part of this dynamic field.

One highlight of the episode is the exploration of AMPS and AMPS Academy‘s pivotal role in bridging the skills and knowledge gap in the industry. Through innovative training programs and fully online capabilities, AMPS Academy is revolutionizing education in mining, ensuring professionals are equipped to handle the evolving demands of the sector. Additionally, Brendan sheds light on the strategic expansion of AMPS, including the opening of new offices in Denver, CO, and potentially Vancouver, CAN, fostering synergies between Australia and North America and creating partnerships with major players to benefit the industry as a whole.

Listeners will also gain insights into AMPS’s collaborative approach with clients, focusing on delivering value through upskilling, efficiency creation, and adapting to policy changes and industry trends like electrification. As the mining industry continues to evolve, Brendan emphasizes the importance of being well-positioned in North America to drive innovation and make a lasting impact on the future of mining.

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