MN 122. The Copper Revolution & Critical Minerals – Insights with NorthIsle Copper and Gold Inc

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MN 122. The Copper Revolution & Critical Minerals – Insights with NorthIsle Copper and Gold Inc

Join us as we explore the Copper Revolution and the significance of Critical Minerals in achieving climate change goals with NorthIsle Copper and Gold Inc.

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In this episode, filmed live at the Prospectors & Developers Association of Canada (PDAC), we have Sam Lee, CEO of NorthIsle Copper and Gold Inc, and Robin Tolbert, Vice President of the same company, as our esteemed guests.

The discussion revolves around the significance of copper as a critical metal for the future. With the need for decarbonization and electrification to achieve climate change goals, a $1.2 trillion investment in critical metals is required, with $750 billion dedicated to copper. However, the number of viable copper projects falls short of meeting the demand, making NorthIsle Copper and Gold Inc’s project crucial. Their strong jurisdiction, established resource base of five billion pounds of copper equivalent, and community-driven decision-making set them apart.

The show also highlights the growing consensus on electrification and critical minerals as the future. Generalists are gaining understanding, while retail markets are cautiously engaging. Robin Tolbert discusses the company’s exploration strategy. He also discusses some of their projects that hold promise: Hushamu, Red Dog, Northwest Expo, and Pemberton Hills.

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Guest Speaker: Sam Lee – CEO
Guest Speaker 2: Robin Tolbert – Vice President
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