TCONS 07. Subsite and Ditch Witch – Underground Utility Solutions for Construction Safety & Efficiency

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June 1, 2023
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TCONS 07. Subsite and Ditch Witch – Underground Utility Solutions for Construction Safety & Efficiency

Discover how Subsite (Part of Ditch Witch) is spearheading underground utility infrastructure solutions, with a focus on their cutting-edge electronic solutions.

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Welcome to The Construction Show hosted by Jerrod Downey. In this episode, Jerrod interviews Cory Maker, the Manager of Product Marketing at Subsite. Filmed live at CONEXPO-CON/AGG in Las Vegas, Nevada, the show delves into the latest developments and challenges in the construction industry.

Cory Maker provides valuable insights into Subsite’s role in the underground utility infrastructure, particularly focusing on their electronic solutions. The conversation highlights the impact of changing regulations and emerging technologies on the construction landscape. They discuss Senate Bill 865, a significant guideline in California that mandates the mapping of utilities for new installations. The need for accurate information to prevent utility strikes, including fiber optic, water, sewer, and gas lines, becomes apparent.

As the discussion unfolds, they shed light on the importance of comprehensive mapping and the limitations of outdated methods. They address the adoption of best practices and emphasize the role of technology in minimizing damages. Subsite’s offerings, including HD guidance systems and utility locators like the Marksman and Marksman Plus, are showcased as tools that aid in accurate mapping and safe excavation.

Join Jerrod Downey and Cory Maker as they delve into the challenges, regulations, and technological advancements driving the construction industry’s underground utility infrastructure. Gain valuable insights and discover how Subsite is at the forefront of providing innovative solutions to ensure safe and efficient construction practices.

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