SR & ED – Government Tax Incentive

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June 26, 2019
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July 18, 2019

SR & ED – Government Tax Incentive

SR&ED is (Scientific Research and Experimental Development program (pronounced “SHRED”) is the largest source of Federal government support for research and development in Canada, providing over $4 billion to claimants each year. It also makes up 67% of the government’s tax incentive programs. These incentive programs are divided up into 6 economic tables

    1. Advanced Manufacturing – Leveraging rapid technological change in advanced manufacturing to strengthen Canada’s manufacturing sector.
    2. Agri-Food – Positioning Canada’s agriculture and agri-food sectors for long-term growth.
    3. Health/Biosciences – Positioning Canada to be a global leader in health/bioscience’s innovation through long-term sustainable growth driven by the collaboration of health/bioscience’s companies and partners.
    4. Clean Technology – Driving transformative innovation and clean growth across all business sectors of the economy through increased development, commercialization and adoption of clean technology solutions.
    5. Digital Industries – Positioning Canada’s digital industries for economic growth.
    6. Resources of the Future – Positioning Canada’s resources for the future economic growth.

These 6 are not limited to one per company. For example, if a mining company was researching sensor based technology for increased efficiency and lower emissions for IoT they may fall under Clean Technology, not necessarily under Resource of the Future, but may apply for incentives or tax credits under an additional category specific to mining.

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