Sensor Based Sorting and Augmenting Technologies

Sensor Based Ore Sorting – The Go-To Technology of the Future
June 14, 2018
Industrial Automated Rail Systems for Mining
June 20, 2018

Sensor Based Sorting and Augmenting Technologies

Augmenting technologies for sensor based ore sorting which bridge the gaps and ensure even higher accuracy have already been developed. Tom Palangio, President at WipWare talks to Crownsmen Partners President Jerrod Downey and Director of Management and Training Gaudy Molina during the Crownsmen Podcast. WipWare’s technology takes a picture of the broken down material from which engineering data can be derived. Simply put this is an imaging technology which has been made applicable in multiple industries like mining, agriculture, explosives etc.

These type of technologies are supporting sensor based technologies to analyze material in real time and in a non-disruptive manner to minimize loss of usable ore. According to Palangio, these technologies are evolving very fast as they offer integration of the industry, technology and devices (smartphones, tablets, drones etc.). This makes remote monitoring easier and also increases accountability in mining operations.

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