MN 160. Revolutionizing Replacement Solutions with Bend-tech Group – ROX Mining Parts

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January 4, 2024
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MN 160. Revolutionizing Replacement Solutions with Bend-tech Group – ROX Mining Parts

Discover what the next five years hold for Bend-Tech and anticipate the evolution of the ROX brand

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Bend-tech Group is an industry leader focused on providing intelligent solutions through innovative design, engineering, and construction. Specializing in engineered safety and efficiency equipment, Bend-tech serves various industries, including mining, fabrication, marine, oil & gas, and defense. From access platforms to heavy-duty workbenches, their comprehensive design, engineering, and manufacturing services are driven by impeccable safety and quality standards.

The episode kicks off with an introduction to Rhys Werndly and an exploration of Bend-Tech Group’s global footprint and primary focuses. The discussion delves into Bend-Tech’s capabilities, emphasizing their unique approach of putting boots on the ground to create tailor-made solutions for clients, distinguishing them from the competition. The spotlight then shifts to the launch of ROX Mining Parts, a dedicated division of Bend-tech Group providing open-cut and underground machine replacement parts.

Rhys elaborates on the vision behind ROX, its evolution, and the accompanying podcast, showcasing the process and topics covered. The discussion further explores the safety-centric ethos of Bend-Tech, emphasizing efficiency, eliminating downtime, and the continuous innovation spurred by the evolving safety culture in the industry. The video also touches upon the industry outlook, Bend-Tech’s future over the next five years, and the anticipated evolution of the ROX brand.

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Guest Speaker: Rhys Werndly – Marketing Manager
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