TCS 92. Reviving Legacy Equipment: L&H Industrial’s Innovative Solutions for Heavy Machinery

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January 16, 2023
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TCS 92. Reviving Legacy Equipment: L&H Industrial’s Innovative Solutions for Heavy Machinery

L&H Industrial's projects encompass innovation, excellence, and a commitment to industry advancement.

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In this episode of The Crownsmen Show, host Jerrod Downey welcomes Patrick Weaver, Mineral Processing Product Line Manager, and Gage Wandler, Digital Business Development Manager, from L&H Industrial.

L&H Industrial is a company known for its commitment to innovation and its ability to take on challenging projects in various industries. Their expertise lies in upgrading legacy equipment and providing maintenance and repairs for heavy machinery in industries such as mining and aggregates.

One of their notable projects is the upgrade of release systems for older crushers. These crushers originally had spring-loaded tensioners that posed a safety risk if uncrushable objects got stuck. L&H Industrial developed a hydraulic release system that not only improved safety but also increased production rates by reducing downtime for maintenance.

Another project successfully completed was the refurbishment of an old gyratory crusher. This rare crusher was one of only three in the world, and replacing it would have been a massive undertaking. Instead, L&H Industrial designed and machined new parts, made necessary improvements, and got the crusher back up and running without the need for a full replacement.

Their commitment to innovation and their willingness to tackle complex projects have earned them a loyal client base that relies on their expertise to keep their operations running smoothly. With a focus on safety, efficiency, and top-notch products and services, L&H Industrial continues to thrive in the heavy machinery industry.

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