MN 139. Power of Partnerships in the Value Chain – Datamine, iRing Inc, and Centric Mining Systems

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MN 139. Power of Partnerships in the Value Chain – Datamine, iRing Inc, and Centric Mining Systems

Join us in this illuminating Mining Now episode as we explore the transformative potential of strategic partnerships in the mining industry.

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In this episode, we are joined by two distinguished guests who shed light on how partnerships can significantly impact the mining value chain. Our guests are Troy Williams, the President of iRing Inc, and Chris Novak, the CEO of Centric Mining Systems.

iRing Inc’s Innovative Drill and Blast Software
Troy Williams delves deeper into iRing Inc’s offerings. He explains how their Dynamic Ring Generation technology allows miners to efficiently design entire stopes by defining drilling and blasting parameters. The software offers features like automatic or manual blast sequencing, pre-sequenced slot patterns, and insightful visualizations in 3D. Troy highlights its significance in cost optimization, showcasing the ability to compare various explosives and their effects on different patterns, drilling costs, and more.

Empowering Mining Operations with Centric Mining Systems
Chris Novak then takes the stage to discuss Centric Mining Systems’ comprehensive Mine Information Management Platform. This platform empowers mining businesses with real-time operational and executive decision support. Chris emphasizes the platform’s ability to provide model-to-market visibility for key performance indicators (KPIs) and operational metrics, offering a holistic understanding of past performance and insights into shaping future strategies.

The Impactful Datamine Partnership
Troy Williams highlights the recent nature of the partnership and the broader understanding it has provided. Chris Novak further elaborates on the advantages, stressing how it has led to the integration of new solutions and a more dynamic approach to addressing mining challenges. Both guests emphasize the importance of involving operations and engineering from the beginning to ensure successful implementation.

Addressing Industry Demand and Outlook
Troy Williams talks about labor shortages and the potential of innovation and technology to bridge the gap. Chris Novak adds to the conversation by highlighting the dynamic nature of the industry and the alignment of Datamine’s solutions with these evolving needs.

Connect with iRing Inc
Speaker 1: Troy Williams – President
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Connect with Centric Mining Systems
Speaker 2: Chris Novak – CEO 
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