MN 132. Polydeck – Redefining Vibratory Screening in the Mining Sector

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June 22, 2023
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MN 132. Polydeck – Redefining Vibratory Screening in the Mining Sector

Discover how Polydeck's synthetic screen media optimizes efficiency and maximizes open area, ensuring top-notch performance in milling circuits.

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In this episode, we have an exciting lineup of guests from Polydeck, a renowned company in the mining industry. Joining us are John Griffith, a Project Manager, and Perry F Miller, a Consulting expert in the mining group.

During the show, we dive into the fascinating world of mining equipment and hardware, focusing on Polydeck’s innovative solutions. With over 35 years of experience in the field, John shares insights into Polydeck’s expertise in synthetic screen media for vibratory screening devices within milling circuits, catering to iron ore, gold, and copper mines. Polydeck’s unique footprint sets them apart as they design systems that optimize efficiency and maximize open area, ensuring superior performance for customers’ screening devices.

Perry brings his extensive knowledge, having spent 12 years with a different company in the screening industry before joining Polydeck. Together, John and Perry shed light on the evolution of mining equipment, emphasizing the shift from wire screens to longer-lasting synthetic materials. They discuss Polydeck’s modular system, which allows for efficient replacement of worn parts, ultimately minimizing downtime and improving maintenance practices.

The conversation also delves into the collaboration between Polydeck and both equipment manufacturers and operators. Polydeck works closely with EPCMs (Engineering, Procurement, Construction, and Management) during the design phase, tailoring solutions to specific applications and assisting with machine sizing. By partnering with various manufacturers, Polydeck ensures compatibility across different vibrating screen and milling equipment, offering flexibility and quality to customers.

Throughout the episode, John and Perry emphasize the importance of hands-on involvement and continuous monitoring. Polydeck’s team remains dedicated to on-site support, including site visits, assessing circuit performance, and commissioning assistance. This commitment to excellence allows Polydeck to adapt to changing conditions, ensuring optimal efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Join us for this insightful episode of Mining Now as we explore the world of mining equipment, innovation, and Polydeck’s cutting-edge solutions. Subscribe to our channel and stay tuned for more industry-leading content!

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Guest Name 1: John Griffith – Project Manager
Guest Name 2: Perry F Miller – Consulting to the Mining Group
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