CI 27. Navigating Tech Adoption Dips: Strategies for Successful Implementation

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November 15, 2023
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March 20, 2024

CI 27. Navigating Tech Adoption Dips: Strategies for Successful Implementation

Join us in this episode as we explore proven strategies for successful tech implementation

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In this episode of Change Itself, hosts Eric Demer and Gus Minor delve into the common challenge of facing a drop in energy after implementing a new initiative. They openly discuss the reasons behind this dip and share strategies to overcome it. The hosts emphasize the importance of consistent communication, encouraging feedback, and actively addressing issues raised by users. They also highlight the significance of setting realistic expectations and not overwhelming the team with too much change at once.

Eric and Gus reveal their experiences with implementing Sofvie, a technological solution at Technica Mining, and how they navigated through the hurdles of device management, software updates, and connectivity issues. They stress the value of user engagement, quality-focused initiatives, and continuous improvement cycles in maintaining momentum and preventing the adoption dip. Overall, the episode provides insights into effective change management strategies for successful implementation and sustained engagement.

Connect with Technica Mining
Guest Speaker 1: Eric Demers – Health Safety and Training Manager
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Guest Speaker 2: Gus Minor – Chief Innovation Officer
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Change Itself

Change is all around us every day, so how do you manage the changes that happen in mining year round? Welcome to another episode of Change Itself hosted by Gus Minor and Eric Demers. The show is brought to you by Sofvie and Technica Mining and produced by Crownsmen Partners. Now here are your hosts Gus & Eric.

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Technica Mining

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Change itself is produced by Crownsmen Partners, The Voice of Industry. Check out more of our shows including The Crownsmen Show, Mining NOW, Building Energy, and Agriculture Now.

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