Monarch Tractor’s 100% Electric MK-V with Driver Optional and Data-Driven Technology

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January 27, 2022
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March 29, 2022

Monarch Tractor’s 100% Electric MK-V with Driver Optional and Data-Driven Technology

MK-V Tractor, Compatible with your existing ecosystem of farm equipment, the MK-V also provides a robust platform for next-generation smart implements. 

Battery: The MK-V has an industry-leading battery runtime of 10+ hours. And for those days that require operations to extend into the night, our simple to use battery swap cart makes 24-hour operation a reality. 

Power: Twice the torque in half the size, MK-V can get the most demanding jobs done. And with exportable power, the MK-V becomes a portable generator— providing you with power in every block on your farm.

Hitch & Hydraulics: In addition to being a Cat I/II three-point hitch, the MK-V comes standard with hydraulic top and side links, so hooking up to any one of your current implements is painless.

Controls: The MK-V controls were designed with the driver in mind. Ergonomic and easy to use features such as the implement joystick, hand throttle, foot pedals, and adjustable seat make Monarch accessible to any driver.

Driver Optional: MK-V unlocks a new world of possibilities for farmers facing massive labor shortages and elevates tractor drivers to fleet operators. Tractor operators can easily go from operating one tractor to managing a fleet of 8 tractors on the field. Remote fleet management is possible using the simple to use Monarch interface where operators can access 360° live video feeds, detailed weather information, and real-time operation reports at the touch of a button.


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