MN: CEMI – New Mining Innovation & Technology for Ore Discovery & Environmental Performance with Charles Nyabeze

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May 26, 2020
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October 19, 2020

MN: CEMI – New Mining Innovation & Technology for Ore Discovery & Environmental Performance with Charles Nyabeze

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Charles Nyabeze B.Eng MBA, Vice-President Business Development and Commercialization for CEMI joins Mining Now! The Centre for Excellence in Mining Innovation, is Canada’s expert in mining innovation. They deliver commercially viable innovations to improve heat & rock stress, mine productivity, safety, ore discovery and environmental performance. Charles and Jerrod Downey discuss how companies already commercialized in separate industries can expand into mining and companies already in the industry overseas but are looking to reach the Canadian mining market can be successful.

Charles expands into helping us understand integrating technology in a mining operation while considering both the downstream and upstream effect. He discusses what CEMI is looking for in new intakes including the maturing stage of the technology, certifications, and scalability.

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Companies Who Collaborated with CEMI

Paytec: Real time process data management via a wide range of integrated sensors.

Renix: World’s only steady state ion exchange system.

Sentinel: Integrated, customized IT solutions

Gupex: Manufacturing air to air industrial plate heat exchangers and heat recovery units made of glass fibre reinforced plastic (GRP).

iRing: – Underground drill & blast planning software



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