MN 49: RAILVEYOR – Emission-free, Battery-free, & Autonomous Material Haulage

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March 8, 2022
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March 28, 2022

MN 49: RAILVEYOR – Emission-free, Battery-free, & Autonomous Material Haulage

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Welcome to the Smart Mine of the Future! Railveyor Technologies Global Inc. provides a sustainable solution for material haulage which is emission-free, battery-free, and autonomous. Railveyor offers an innovative system to move mining, industrial, or agricultural products over long distances with complex routes covering difficult surface topographies or underground mining applications around the world. We help modern mines uncover the riches of the earth safely, cleanly, and profitably. Joining Mining NOW is Chairman Jim Fisk and CEO James Hawkins to outline the technology, current projects and future developments.  


Railveyor’s rail-based solution utilizes the best attributes of traditional haulage without diesel emissions, battery charging facilities, and heavy infrastructure. The Railveyor TrulyAutonomous™ system includes uniquely programmed software which allows the system to be monitored from anywhere and results in high energy efficiency and lowest in the industry opex costs.

 The Railveyor international headquarters and John McCall Testing Facilities are located in Sudbury, Ontario. The Technology Center and United States regional office is located in Houghton, Michigan.


Railveyor Technologies Global Inc.  

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