MN 48: Process Automation – The Modern Mine & Measurements System ft. Marcel Barnard

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February 15, 2022
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MN 48: Process Automation – The Modern Mine & Measurements System ft. Marcel Barnard

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The large modern mine is automated, and the maintenance staff are reduced, which means that the modern plant requires a closer cooperation between man and machine. Modern plants are also closely monitored off-site and in real-time for efficiency, metal accounting, and preventative maintenance. 

The technology already exists where a ‘war room ‘ in a central location can monitor all of their operations and warn the site of impending issues such as bearings running hot or the mill being overloaded, etc. The auditing of plants is a requirement to protect the shareholders investment, and you can only manage what you measure.

It is thus critical that the weighing instruments such as the conveyor belt scales are calibrated and maintained to a certain standard and at a level required by current acceptable corporate governance practices relating to auditability and transparency of metal accounting from rockface to product. Marcel Barnard, General Manager & Sales for Process Automation joins Mining NOW to outline where Process Automation comes in?

Process Automation is often asked to conduct audits on mines to identify the reasons behind poor metal accounting and the major shortcomings are mostly identified as:

  1. Poor calibration facilities and a lack of awareness and required attention to the precision of mass measurement, sampling and analysis.
  2. Poor record keeping.
  3. Incorrect maintenance procedures.
  4. Insufficient time to calibrate all instruments.
  5. Non-compliant calibration check procedures required to return the instrument to its original calibration.

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