MN 47: Safescape – Practical Innovation in Mining Safety – Laddertube & Edge Protector

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February 8, 2022
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MN 47: Safescape – Practical Innovation in Mining Safety – Laddertube & Edge Protector

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Safescape is delivering practical innovation in mining safety. Founder Steve Durkin joins Mining NOW to discuss both the companies and his personal journey to designing and developing innovative safety solutions like Laddertube and Edge Protector (EP) . He also outlines their strategy in expanding into the mining EV market by introducing Bortana EV and how it integrates into Safescapes’ criteria for mining safety and efficiency. 



Safescape Laddertube is a state-of-the-art escapeway system designed specifically for use in underground mines. A fully-enclosed, durable polyethylene product, Laddertube is not impacted by water, salt or other mineral deposits.  It requires minimal upkeep, fits comfortably within a 1.1m/42” raisebore and provides for the ultimate in user safety.


Edge Protector (EP):

A system for improved edge protection in open pit mines.  The structure is designed to allow open pit haul roads to be narrower while retaining the same or better safety characteristics. The EP consists of a series of filled polyethylene shells which secure together in a row along the edge of an open pit road. The created wall acts to support a bund of loose rock giving a vertical face. Edge Protector is designed to prevent truck’s tyres from rolling up the bund.


Bortana EV: 

A battery-electric vehicle designed to handle the aggressive operating environment of underground mines. Designed and developed in Australia by Safescape, the Bortana EV tackles safety and health concerns in mining head on through zero emissions, reduced heat and lower maintenance.


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