MN 45: ARC Acid Resistant Concrete – Game Changing Polymer Concrete for Highly Corrosive Production Environments

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MN 45: ARC Acid Resistant Concrete – Game Changing Polymer Concrete for Highly Corrosive Production Environments

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ARC Acid Resistant Concrete is a chemical and impact resistant polymer concrete overlay, specifically designed for mining processes and highly corrosive production environments. ARC is not a paint or coating. It is an ultra-high strength, acid-resistant concrete overlay. Business Development Manager David Wilburn joins Mining NOW to discuss various applications and installation methods, the product testing, and how their CEO, Hamid Saadatmanesh developed the company. 


ARC is typically applied as a ½- to 1-inch-thick overlay on existing concrete. It is virtually impermeable which protects the substrate concrete.

Unlike coatings that are susceptible to impact damage, allowing premature failure of the substrate concrete, ARC is extremely impact resistant – protecting the concrete for decades without need of any additional maintenance or recoating.


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Hamid Saadatmanesh, Ph.D., PE – President/CEO



David Wilburn – Business Development Manager



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