MN 42: Mosaic – Esterhazy K3 Potash Mine, Reclamation in Florida, & ESG Targets with Kelly Strong

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MN 42: Mosaic – Esterhazy K3 Potash Mine, Reclamation in Florida, & ESG Targets with Kelly Strong

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Mosaic is the world’s leading integrated producer and marketer of concentrated phosphate and potash. They employ more than 13,000 people in nine countries and participate in every aspect of crop nutrition development to help the world grow the food it needs. They mine and process phosphate and potash minerals into crop nutrients and then ship via rail, barge and ocean-going vessel to our customers in the major agricultural centers worldwide. Vice President – North American Mining Operations  Kelly Strong joins Mining NOW to discuss their ESG targets by 2025 as well as  Esterhazy K3 Potash Mine in Saskatchewan and their Central Florida Phosphate Mining and Processing business. 


Esterhazy K3 is the newest underground potash mine in Saskatchewan in the last 50 years. The project, which kicked off in 2009, has brought significant capital investment and contract work to the area as the first new underground shaft to be sunk in the province. In 2011, shaft sinking began and continued into 2017 when the potash ore body was reached. Surface infrastructure and underground preparations continue to be completed alongside our global contracted partners. The future of Esterhazy is taking shape. Rich potash ore continues to be hoisted up K3’s completed north shaft at an average rate of more than 30,000 tons per day, and final production capability will reach over 60,0000 tons per day.


For well over a century, Mosaic’s phosphate business has been a major economic driver in Florida. Today, phosphate remains a leading export, directly employing nearly 3,000 Floridians and supporting thousands of industry-related jobs. There is also a major focus on reclamation. ​​Mosaic’s phosphate business leads the industry in developing effective methods of returning mined lands to productive uses for both wildlife and people. Their reclamation team, comprised of dozens of ecologists, biologists, engineers and other professionals, is responsible for creating fully functioning post-mining landscapes. Some of West Central Florida’s most popular parks and golf courses are built on reclaimed land.  Hardee Lakes Park is an excellent example of how reclaimed land can be put to good use for an entire community.


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