MN 40: Maxam Tire – From Cradle to Grave with MAXAM MINING GROUP’s Matt Johnson

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November 9, 2021
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MN 40: Maxam Tire – From Cradle to Grave with MAXAM MINING GROUP’s Matt Johnson

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 A division of Sailun Group, MAXAM Tire designs, manufactures, and distributes off-the-road and rigid haul truck specialty tire products globally. As a major specialty tire manufacturer and distributor, MAXAM’s tires have gone through some of the most rigorous testing thrown at them by Caterpillar, designed incredible automation systems in their manufacturing process, and implemented an in-depth cradle to grave approach to assist their clients through the life of the tire. Matt Johnson – VP Maxam Tire Mining Group joined Mining NOW to focus on a dedicated and knowledgeable global group under MAXAM Tire, MAXAM MINING GROUP. The group was created specifically to focus on the mining segment. Since its establishment, the MMG team has achieved great success in serving regional market demands. With each member an industry-leading expert dedicated to providing the best customer experience, the team has been making continuous improvements with focused market solutions. 

Matt sees the reason why MAXAM Mining Group has been successful, including MAXAM Tire itself, is because they always try to first understand our customers goals, and once they understand that focus on their needs.  MMG was built on being  a“Business solutions provider” and fostering a long-term relationship with our customers and dealers. as our company’s mission is “to provide the highest quality of customer experience”. Their ever-growing dealer network of 1800 highlights the strategic partnerships being built. 

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