MN 39: Pronto AI – Automating Haul Trucks in Mines – A2B Autonomous Haulage System

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November 5, 2021
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November 22, 2021

MN 39: Pronto AI – Automating Haul Trucks in Mines – A2B Autonomous Haulage System

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Pronto has been working in autonomy for 15+ years, specifically on-road, giving them extensive experience in solving problems for really complex scenarios including high speeds, close proximity, and high volumes of human interaction. Pronto believes that autonomy in mining doesn’t have to be so complicated. In the mining space, they see examples of mines needing a total overhaul of their operations to support autonomy, but they offer technology that can be applied today that contributes to safety and efficiency without requiring extensive of upfront work, leading to their slogan “Autonomy Simplified”.

Pronto’s technology used cameras which do a great job seeing in harsh conditions like dust. They believe that combining simple hardware with incredibly smart software that powers cameras to behave like the human eye is by far the best way forward for autonomy. Learn more. 

Their tagline “Autonomy Simplified,” does not just reference their approach to the technology but the way it gets deployed. They don’t require a multi-year long feasibility study. As a first step, Pronto installs logging equipment on your existing fleets to learn how they work (what routes they drive, etc.) and all that data is sent to their team for review. From there Pronto can upfit an existing truck, or provide a truck from our fleet so you can quickly see how an autonomous vehicle can transform your operation. 

Cat Culkin – Chief Technology Officer and Robbie Miller – Chief Safety Officer, join Mining Now to talk about Promto’s technology, integration into existing mining operations, and industry perspective on autonomous vehicles.  Pronto AI is a safe-driving autonomous trucking company. Founded in 2018 and led by an unrivaled team, Pronto became the first and only AV company to successfully drive coast-to-coast without a single driver input. Today, Pronto brings that same industry-leading technology and innovation to autonomous haulage. 

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