MN 38: CIM’S Capital Project Symposium with Paul Nielson from Waterton

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September 15, 2021
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November 9, 2021

MN 38: CIM’S Capital Project Symposium with Paul Nielson from Waterton

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Successfully executing projects in the mining industry is extremely challenging. Head of Development at Waterton, Paul Nielson joins Mining Now to discuss some of these challenges including:

  • Unique nature of each deposit
  • Complex multidisciplinary work required to achieve sufficient confidence
  • Complexity of scale — lower grades mean higher volumes and large projects
  • Not being able to choose where the mine is!
  • Significant volatility in commodity prices

He outlines how from the start, the deck is stacked against the industry, and the track record of success in project execution hasn’t been good over long periods of time.  


There are, however, lots of successes, and the Capital Projects Symposium is meant to be a collaborative conversation amongst project owners, the service provides, and financiers in order to share what works and what doesn’t in today’s marketplace such that a project can be successful for all the stakeholders.


The second edition of this specialty conference is focused on the various elements that result in successful project execution, project development, financing methods, contracting models and execution methods. It’s about people getting together to discuss lessons learned and new ideas and to come up with new ways to execute mine capital projects safely and successfully.


The event will be held in Toronto in person to facilitate the conversations that happen between sessions and around meals, but it will also be a hybrid conversation so we can include professionals from around the globe.  There are regional differences in how projects are conceived, particularly between Australia and North America, so engaging everyone in the discussion is important.


There are four sessions as part of the conference, to cover the breadth of the life of a project:

  1. Studies to construction decision
  2. Financing
  3. Project execution case studies
  4. Contracting models

To Register Visit for CIM’s Capital Project Symposium:

Event Date: March 27-29, 2022

Location: Toronto 

Connect with Paul Nielsom on Linkedin: 


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