MN 37: GeoSLAM – Amazing Handled SLAM Solutions to Collect Geospatial data

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September 3, 2021
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November 5, 2021

MN 37: GeoSLAM – Amazing Handled SLAM Solutions to Collect Geospatial data

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In this episode we feature another game changer in the mining industry. GeoSLAM makes it easy to capture and connect data from the world around us. From the built environment to the natural world, GeoSLAM technology gives people the power to collect geospatial data from some of the most difficult environments, whether they are indoor, outdoors, underground – everywhere.

GeoSLAM’s Main Product Outline

ZEB Go:  If you’re looking for a reliable way to map and understand spaces, meet the ZEB Go – your first step in SLAM handheld technology. 

ZEB Revo RT: Handheld, lightweight and easy to use, the ZEB Revo RT allows you to build highly accurate 3D models within minutes, while on the move. 

ZEB Horizon: With a range of 100m, the ZEB Horizon is great for outdoor use. Its lightweight and compact design also make it perfect for indoor surveys. 


Why is GeoSLAM the leader in SLAM technology?

Rapid Scanning: Within minutes you can be collecting data with our handheld LiDAR scanners, and our intelligent software can map a 3-storey building in just 10 minutes to an accuracy level of 15mm.

Go-anywhere mapping: The versatile 3D mapping laser technology is adaptable to any environment in all industries, especially complex and enclosed spaces, without the need for GPS.

Saving time & money: You can capture and model complex data up to 10 times faster, enabling you to successfully complete projects in minimum time with little or no disruption at the project site.

User Friendly Software: Quick and easy workflows with drag and drop functionality, produces results in minutes. SLAM processing generates accurate 3D point clouds from your data.

Proven Technology: We have a strong track record of designing game-changing technology, applauded by industry experts and sold in over 70 countries.

GEO Slam Team Member Featured on Mining NOW 

Guest 1

Matt Teppler – Regional Channel Manager

Regional Channel Manager – Canada at GeoSLAM Ltd

Guest 2

Owen Howells – Sr Solutions Architect – Mine Technology Enthusiast | Mining Survey and LiDAR Mapping Specialist | Specializing in delivering geospatial data projects in the mining and tunneling industries. 


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