MN 36: Silixa – A Critical Measurement Challenges & Fibre-Powered Data Solutions

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August 26, 2021
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September 15, 2021

MN 36: Silixa – A Critical Measurement Challenges & Fibre-Powered Data Solutions

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Mining operators have been facing the challenge of having to cope with cost reduction schemes while improving site safety for years. While safety and minimising cost remain the key drivers for mining operations, the growing spotlight on environmental issues adds to the complexity of operations. Profitability and growth of mining companies is largely down to how they can adapt to the pressures of sustainability. 

Despite technological advancements that have made the industry greener, most processes are still resource intensive with significant environmental impact and there is a growing push in the industry, on all five continents, to find more sustainable solutions.

Silixa offers a portfolio of proven monitoring solutions that target all of these concerns. They enhance productivity, minimise risks, and ensure sustainability by providing more reliable and cost-effective means of geophysical assessment as well as asset and process monitoring.


Silixa is the global leading provider of fibre-powered data solutions that address the most critical measurement challenges in the Alternative Energy, Mining, Environmental & Earth Sciences, Infrastructure and Oil & Gas sectors.

The company offers dense array datasets of the highest fidelity that enable operators to gain actionable insight into their assets and systems to increase efficiency, enhance safety, prevent loss and extend lifespans.

With a heritage of cutting-edge innovation and technological leadership, Silixa helps its customers to chart their course towards a more sustainable future.


What Silixa Offers

Sustainability: we can help optimize processes to achieve a sustainable balance among water supply, consumption, and environmental and operational risks.

Social licence: We help mining companies meet their legal, social and environmental obligations. We do so by delivering key information on assets and operations that ensure minimized environmental footprint and maximum safety in operations.

Safety: Our solutions enable unmanned and remote monitoring operations, hence making major advances in improving health and safety in the industry.

Water Management: We understand the value and importance water serves in our society. The real-time information on flow rates we provide helps operators better understand how the water is being used and enables them to minimize consumption.

Tailings facility management: By providing early alerts of potential problems, we help mine operators tackle one of the biggest challenges they face: manage water in tailings dams and maintain the safety of dams.

Digitalization: Silixa is committed to accelerate innovation in the mining sector to make it safer, more productive and energy efficient. Our products are future-proof industrial automation solutions.



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Guest Profiles

Zara Anderson, VP Mining 

Zara is a highly experienced Geotechnical Engineer and Mining Executive with expertise in underground and open pit mining operations worldwide.

Prior to joining Silixa, she was responsible for heading the global mining business unit at ESG Solutions in Canada.

Zara resides in Kingston, Ontario in Canada and holds an MSc in Mining Engineering from Iran, a PhD in Geotechnical Engineering from McGill University in Canada, and an MBA from Laurentian University in Canada.

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Garth Naldrett, Chief Products Officer 

Garth Naldrett has 25 years’ experience in the Oil and Gas industry with a variety of roles related to the measurement and optimisation of upstream assets. Garth is currently the Chief Product Officer at Silixa where he is responsible for development and deployment of permanently installed Distributed Fibre Optic monitoring systems.

Prior to joining Silixa Garth founded FloQuest, an upstream software modelling and interpretation business, which was acquired by Shell Technology Ventures to form part of Tendeka. Before founding FloQuest Garth held various positions within Schlumberger, including product champion for fibre optic and subsea monitoring.

Garth is one of the founding members of Seafom, where he is currently a committee member, as well as serving on the SPE DETS Integrated Digital Solutions sub-committee. He has authored several papers for the SPE, SEG, EAGE and IEEE and holds a number of patents on monitoring applications.

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