MN 34: Radai – Amazing Drone-based Environmental & Geophysical Surveys for Mining & Exploration

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August 23, 2021
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August 26, 2021

MN 34: Radai – Amazing Drone-based Environmental & Geophysical Surveys for Mining & Exploration

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Ari Saartenoja, CEO and Founder of Radai is back on Mining NOW to discuss how his company has evolved, upgraded equipment, and collaborated with some of the largest mining companies in the world including Rio Tinto. Radai provides services for a wide variety of applications including mineral exploration, geological mapping, environmental monitoring and conductivity mapping. Radai’s in-house developed software included: 

  • RadaiPros – magnetic data processing tool
  • RadaiView – magnetic UAV data viewer and  
  • RadaiPath – UAV waypoint editor, are technologies that offer high quality data for end users. 

Radai operates a high-performance magnetic survey system that is based on a fixed-wing drone with an electric engine. With flight times over two hours and simultaneous use of 2-3 drones, up to one thousand line-kilometers can be reached during a single day.


Presently, only total magnetic intensity and vector magnetic field are measured. The individual XYZ components of the magnetic field help data interpretation by reducing the ambiguity of the inverse solution. Therefore, Radai is developing an accurate 3-component (vector) magnetic survey method.


Radai is also developing a novel electromagnetic (EM) survey system utilizing a 3-component EM receiver carried by a multicopter. The EM system provides information about the electrical properties (conductivity and permittivity) of the subsurface. The EM data, together with the magnetic field, provide essential information for geological mapping and mineral exploration.



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