MN 31: Copperstone Technologies’ Helix Family of Robots for Hazardous Site Investigation

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June 9, 2021
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MN 31: Copperstone Technologies’ Helix Family of Robots for Hazardous Site Investigation

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Is Copperstone Technologies a robot company? They build a robot, their technology is sitting on a robot, and if you click on one of their video’s you see a robot navigating tailings pond beaches, snow covered ground, and propelling itself through water. Their CEO Craig Milne joined Mining NOW to discuss that their incredible line of robotics is really a means to their core objective. To help mines with hazardous site investigation “using” robotics.

Copperstone offers the Helix. This family of robots is named for its unique mobility. Helical, screw-shaped pontoons allow HELIX to float on water or scroll across any terrain, including mud, snow, ice, and rocks. 

  • HELIX AR2 is a 700 kg robot capable of heavy hauling 300 kg of gear.  Typically used in geotechnical surveys, HELIX AR2 can remotely deploy a CPT, Vane Shear, or various sampling tools in mine tailings. 
  • HELIX 25 which is now being released with upgrades as the Helix Neptune has an open center bay for payload deployment through the rover or a versatile flat top deck. HELIX 25 was designed primarily for bathymetric surveys, although with its flat deck or open payload bay, it is truly a multi-purpose vehicle.  HELIX 25 comfortably carries a 25 kg payload while maintaining buoyancy on open water. It has the torque and maneuverability to drive on hard ground, up small embankments, through mud or snow.

Craig discusses how the design originated, its evolution, meeting customer’s needs, and their business model. This in-depth interview will not only give you a better understanding of Copperstone as a company but of both challenges and ways that solutions are being found in the mining industry…making it safer and more environmentally responsible in a new age of technology.


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