MN 30: RIM PLUS DRY: Revolutionizing the Tire Additive Industry with Griffin Chemical

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May 18, 2021
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June 17, 2021

MN 30: RIM PLUS DRY: Revolutionizing the Tire Additive Industry with Griffin Chemical

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For decades companies have been shipping their products all over the world and accumulating massive shipping costs. RIM PLUS DRY is manufactured using a water soluble bag filled with proprietary ingredients to safely deliver the product to customers without the added weight of shipping water. This is a fully sustainable solution that reduces costs in logistics, container cost (pails, drums, totes), and storage space in warehouses. Director of Sales, Morry Jones joins Mining NOW to discuss bringing the product to a wider market, his son purchasing the company, and his over 35 years in the tire industry.

Rim Plus Dry is a product from Griffin Chemical. The manufacturer and distribute cleaning products for food preparation, transportation, and industrial cleaning and water treatment.

Mining Now is a joint mining podcast and web series by CIM/ICM and Crownsmen Partners. Join us to learn about the latest innovations in operating mines to increase energy efficiency and production. We look into modern mining and processing equipment including autonomous vehicles and IOT technology. Experts tackle everything from skilled labour shortages to team building to meeting evolving safety regulations. This is the mining of today that will shape the mines of tomorrow.




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