MN 29: Sofvie & Technica Mining Take 4.0 & Safety to Another Level

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May 12, 2021
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MN 29: Sofvie & Technica Mining Take 4.0 & Safety to Another Level

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It is not often we have a show that includes the supplier and customer. Gus Minor, Chief Innovation Officer at Sofvie returns to Mining NOW to discuss how they provided a digital safety solution to Technica Mining. From Technica, Health Safety and Training Manager, Eric Demers also joins to discuss the implementation of the software platform as a mining contractor. 

About Sofvie

Sofvie is a proven software platform that connects every level of an organization. It enhances communication and redefines hazard and risk management in the workplace by intelligently analyzing data gathered from the front-line. Built on industry 4.0, Sofvie creates an accessible point of reference which aids in critical decision making processes.

About Technica Mining

Technica Mining is a premiere underground mining and construction contractor. Their excellent safety record, experienced workforce and large equipment fleet will guarantee the timely completion of all project needs. Trusted by the world’s leading mining companies, Technica Mining has 20 years of experience in mine construction, development and production.

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