MN 26: The Bucket Shop – New Facilities, Buckets, Haul Trucks and Partnerships

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April 26, 2021
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MN 26: The Bucket Shop – New Facilities, Buckets, Haul Trucks and Partnerships

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A great Canadian story with a global reach and it all started as a small family business and is growing with partnerships.  The Bucket Shop (TBS) is a Timmins, Ontario-based heavy equipment repair, rebuild, and manufacturing facility that produces mining & earth moving equipment attachments (Buckets, and Haul Boxes). The business was founded in 1991 and two business units operate today: The Bucket Shop Inc. (production and manufacturing) and Steeltec (mobile fleet welding/millwright services).


Vice President, Paul Woodward and Business Optimization Lead, Jamie Pouw join Mining Now to discuss how the company continues to grow and re-invest in the region. In 2017 TBS moved into our newly built 65,000 square foot, research, and manufacturing facility. In 2019/2020, they added an additional 20,000+ square feet for a specialized abrasive blasting & painting facility along with the addition of a dedicated warehouse and mechanic shop. An expanding client list beyond Ontario’s borders has necessitated the growth of the staff and business operations team.


TBS has evolved from a supplier to a strategic partner, by bringing value to clients beyond the price. Their growth included a move from the linear business to business model (TBS to the client) to a broader ecosystem model where they are contracted directly by the OEM to fulfill projects for the mining client. TBS cast solutions designs, engineers and create the metallurgy for bucket wear systems, including protective lips and heel shrouds. Their overhauls and new builds of haul truck boxes for open pit mines throughout northern Ontario including major mining operations such as Kirkland Lake Gold Macassa have made them a key partner for the mining operation to run efficiently. Their partnerships with the government has helped support the expansion of their manufacturing facility and their Indigenous women’s training program has allowed them to reach new markets while still supporting the local economy and trades. 


The Bucket Shop is an example of what can happen when you merge family with sound business strategy and the ability to form partnerships across all levels. It is clear that in many ways this is only the beginning of the story.


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