MN 23: Mining CEOs, Cabin Fever, & Corporate Social Responsibility ft Bertrand De Windt

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March 30, 2021
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MN 23: Mining CEOs, Cabin Fever, & Corporate Social Responsibility ft Bertrand De Windt

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When you have been sent to Indonesia representing a mining company who wants to build a mine where there is a small community or escaped a country using the jungle because environmental protests shut down the airport, Corporate Social Responsibility is not a term you would use casually. Bertrand De Windt CEO of Steps Up Consulting not only takes it seriously he applies multiple tools to his CSR approach including his Master Black Belt in Six Sigma, a Bs. in Industrial Psychology, and the power of empathy.


Bertrand is a skilled chess player so he understands the importance of strategy and openings. When it comes to starting the dialogue with a community he also knows the steps that need to be taken by leadership if the mine is ever going to become operational. In this wide reaching episode of Mining NOW he shares his thoughts on what mining CEOs can do to help the process, what mistakes historically have been made, and shares examples of mines who have got CSR right.


With Bertand’s HR and psychology background host Jerrod Downey took the opportunity to ask his thoughts how the “new normal” of working from home can affect people’s mental health. First Beratnd looked at the potential benefits such as decentralized management and new opportunities for connection through online communication but also the adverse effects of being isolated and managing family life and work under one roof. During the show he discusses “Cabin Fever” studies and gives tips for managing stress during a lockdown and preventing traumatic syndrome.


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Bertrand de Windt Bio

Bertrand de Windt has a Bs. in Industrial Psychology, Master of Arts in Human Resources at the University of Minnesota, also a Certified Master Black Belt in Six Sigma. Dedicated University Professor at the undergraduate and graduate levels for over 15 years, have a long career in Mining with 18 years with Falconbridge Dominicana, Sudbury Mine and Mills business Unit, Xstrata Timmins Smelter Business Unit, Falconbridge Australia, Falconbridge and BHP joint venture in Sorong, Indonesia As head of Human Resources and later in Business Excellence with Newmont Corporation as Regional Director for South America, Barrick Gold as HR director of the Pueblo Viejo Gold Mine and later with Dumas Minas in the same capacity. Is Currently the Executive Director of Steps Up Consulting Ltd. and was the founder of the CIM Peru Branch in Lima, Peru and Executive Director for the CIM Latin America initiative. Co Author: Dr. Fernando Garcia Boden is graduated in medicine and specialized in psychiatry and has a master degree in Public Health and addictive behavior. Has a long career as a University professor specializing in drug


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