MN. O-Pitblast’s Innovation in Mining and Blasting Technology

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March 25, 2021
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MN. O-Pitblast’s Innovation in Mining and Blasting Technology

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Collaboration, boldness, and listening to the market have always been key to bringing new innovative technology to a commercialized level. Nobody does this better than O-Pitblast. Their products were built by mathematicians, programmers, designers and engineers to provide their clients with the most creative and knowledgeable solutions in the mining sector. They have partnered with universities including providing free access to their software, became members of top mining exploration associations including ISEE, FRAGBLAST, EFEE, AP3E, PDAC, and are currently partnering with companies like WipWare to further expand their offerings. The result? O-Pitblast is now providing leading technology for the world’s mining market in over 90 countries. In this Episode of Mining NOW three members of the O-Pitbalst Team join the show, CEO – Vinicius Miranda, COO Francisco Leite, and North American Distributor Evan Thibaud discuss everything from developing the company, R&D, and explaining their existing product line.


Get To Know the O-Pitblast Products 

Blast Optimization Software: The latest innovation in blast design. O-Pitblast is the bridge that connects blast managers and mining operations by figuring out a new way to design, measure, evaluate and optimize your drill and blast operations. A complete software aimed to plan, control and optimize.


O-PitApp: Control your blast operation on your device with O-PitApp. Check in real time your blast progress and make changes to charge and its characteristics, along with your blast’s main KPI.


O-PitAnalytics: All reports in one place. An integral part of the O-Pitblast platform, Analytics brings reports with the utmost precision that your engineers need to control and manage operations.


O-PITDEV: Accurate and fast boreholes diagnostics. The new solution presented by O-Pitblast is a quick way to take a measurement of a (quarry) borehole. O-PitDev incorporates a number of innovative features such as wireless communication to your smartphone. This feature among others come together in a unique piece of hardware for more agility, ease of use and overall increase in productivity.

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