MN: Sofvie – Enhance Communication & Redefine Hazard and Risk Management in Mining

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MN: Sofvie – Enhance Communication & Redefine Hazard and Risk Management in Mining

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“Transform Data Into Wisdom”; when you start with that powerful of a slogan the mining industry’s expectations go up and Sofvie Inc. is the company rising to the occasion. Gus Minor, Chief Innovation Officer, joins Mining NOW to discuss how they are leveraging innovative technologies to create new realities for hazard/risk management and communication.  He discusses their approach of reversing roles from feeling pain points to eliminating them, how the industry’s demand has increased for digital transition, and how their technology increases communication and minimizes safety risks at every level of the company.

Sofvie is a software platform that connects every level of an organization. It enhances communication and redefines hazard and risk management in the workplace by intelligently analyzing data gathered from the front-line. Built on industry 4.0, Sofvie creates an accessible point of reference which aids in critical decision making processes. Sofvie is designed to align your culture, reduce incident and accident severity, and ultimately aid in minimizing life altering events in the workplace. 

The Mobile App is a user-friendly data gathering and communication tool accessible to front-line workers through their mobile device. Offering online and offline features, Sofvie serves as a reliable management tool to use in any work environment. Their Web Platform is built for performance management. Sofvie offers customization, optimized dashboards, data storage, records management, live field insights and reporting capabilities.

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