MN: GKM Consultants | Geotechnical Instrumentation Solutions in Mining ft. Adam Dulmage

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MN: GKM Consultants | Geotechnical Instrumentation Solutions in Mining ft. Adam Dulmage

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Adam Dulmage made two things very clear in this episode of Mining Now. First, as amazing as sensor technology in mining is, it is only as innovative and customized as the people behind implementing the solutions. Second, delivering on small projects can lead to servicing major operations when you deliver results and maintain a strong ongoing relationship with customers.

GKM’s worldwide presence is anchored by a vast knowledge and expertise in monitoring solutions for mining, civil engineering, energy, and environmental sectors. In the mining sector they customize, integrate, and commission geotechnical instrumentation solutions. 

Adam highlights several mining projects including: 

  • Providing and installing a large scale wireless rugged monitoring system with various instruments, including thermistor strings, piezometers, inclinometers and TDR at the Agnico-Eagle Mine – Meadowbank mining site 
  • Developing, installing and maintaining a complex network of geotechnical instruments at the Lake Bloom mine in Québec, Canada
  • Developing an instrumentation system that accurately monitors the blasting effects on neighbouring residences at the Malartic Mine. 
  • In partnership with Geokon, Ledcor, and Loadsensing the C3 match; a shaft concrete curing project where they developed the C3 match, a large scale concrete curing match system for quality control.

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