CI 26. Mining Safety Transformations: Expert Tips from Ontario Mine Contractors Safety Association

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November 1, 2023
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CI 26. Mining Safety Transformations: Expert Tips from Ontario Mine Contractors Safety Association

We'll explore the rich history and collaborative spirit of the Ontario Mine Contractors Safety Association (OMCSA), shaping safety standards since 1960s.

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The main focus of the episode is on OMCSA, a prominent safety association in the mining industry, established in the 1960s. Both hosts and guests, who have extensive experience with the association, highlight the collaborative nature of the organization, where competitors come together to prioritize the safety of their workers. The association’s 300th meeting is celebrated, and it is emphasized how OMCSA’s approach has evolved over the years from addressing serious injuries to a more proactive focus on preventing severe incidents and enhancing safety in high-risk work environments.

The episode also touches on the OMCSA Innovation Contest, where member contractors share innovative safety measures and ideas, demonstrating how these concepts travel across the world and positively impact the industry globally. The discussion also delves into the shift from a blame-focused approach to a more system-oriented perspective when investigating incidents, emphasizing the importance of learning from incidents rather than assigning blame. The guests highlight the challenges and lessons learned from OMCSA’s history, including the importance of diverse representation on the executive team and the commitment of senior members in advocating for contractors’ interests.

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Guest Speakers: Steve Wrixon and Roy Slack 

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