Maximizing Your Labour Force – Employer Labour Consultant

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July 16, 2019

Maximizing Your Labour Force – Employer Labour Consultant

Companies who hire for the short term contracts but promote the job as full time work not only often leave an employee out to dry when one project is completed and the next is not ready to start but they also end up having specialized workers doing a broader range of tasks which then lowers efficiency at a premium cost. These situations is when Tradesmen International becomes the employer’s labour consultant and can match up the appropriate trades with appropriate stages of the project.


Where this is especially powerful is if Tradesmen International is part of the bidding process for new projects. With them retaining hundreds more employees on hand than the average employer they can structure out every trade and cost more accurately and minimize the company’s risk of going over budget. David points out that his team’s job is to help the employer understand overall cost savings. An employer may be able to find one trade for cheaper, but then if they are short labour and that employee ends up doing a job below their pay grade, the employer is now overpaying. Better to send them back to Tradesmen International and get the lower paid trade and proper market value.

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