TCS 93. L&H Industrial and SafeGauge – Improving Machine Lifecycles and Industrial Safety

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August 24, 2023
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TCS 93. L&H Industrial and SafeGauge – Improving Machine Lifecycles and Industrial Safety

Discover how these industry leaders have formed a dynamic partnership, committed to enhancing customer safety and efficiency.

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In this episode of The Crownsmen Show hosted by Jerrod Downey, we explore the innovative solutions provided by two exceptional guests from the industrial sector. First up is Dustin Roush, the 3rd generation owner and VP of Sales & Marketing at L&H Industrial, a company with nearly 60 years of experience serving various heavy industries. L&H Industrial offers comprehensive support throughout a machine’s lifecycle, from engineering and design to manufacturing, repair, field services, and monitoring and controls. Their commitment to customer satisfaction is evident in their multifaceted approach to machine maintenance and improvement.

Following this, we dive into the world of SafeGauge with Senior Vice President Paul Johnson. SafeGauge, founded by Luke Dawson, revolutionizes high-pressure hydraulic equipment testing, prioritizing efficiency and safety. Luke and his team created a range of innovative prototypes based on customer feedback, including a pressure transducer, dial indicator, and tachometer. These products eliminate live work and make high-pressure equipment testing more secure and efficient. With a focus on innovation and global expansion, SafeGauge is poised for remarkable growth.

Both companies have found a natural synergy, as Dustin Roush discusses how L&H and SafeGauge formed a partnership based on shared business values, industry knowledge, and a dedication to improving customer safety and efficiency. The collaboration between these two companies promises a bright future for the industrial sector, where safety and effectiveness are paramount.

As we look ahead, Paul Johnson reveals that SafeGauge is rapidly evolving, with engineers developing new products for a SAAS (Software as a Service) model. These innovations will be permanently integrated into new equipment, enabling long-term monitoring. Meanwhile, Dustin Roush highlights L&H’s distinct advantage, rooted in their deep understanding of equipment and mechanical systems, allowing them to interpret and analyze data for their customers effectively. This episode offers an exciting glimpse into the future of industrial safety and efficiency.

For more in-depth insights and visual aids, please tune in to hear directly from these industry leaders.

Connect with L&H Industrial:
Guest Speaker 1: Dustin Roush – 3rd generation Owner and Director of Business Development
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Connect with SafeGauge
Guest Speaker 2: Paul Johnson – Senior Vice President
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