Leading by Example in First Nations Communities – Chief Dan George

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November 8, 2019

Leading by Example in First Nations Communities – Chief Dan George

His father gave him his first saw at fourteen and Chief Dan George headed into the bush. Over the years he worked in the forest industry, on the oil rigs, worked as a house inspector, and the list goes on. Now he sits in the unique position of leading his community as the elected  Chief for the Burns Lake Band. When you ask him what his vision for his community is, without hesitation he answers “to be self sustainable”. When asked how he deals between his band and the LNG industry will shape the future of his community, he answers with helping to educate and give people the tools to seize opportunities. Any community anywhere is the world needs a leader with vision, but the leader also needs to be willing to live out that vision, and they also need to believe in the community they serve. Leaders such as Chief George not only are making their communities sustainable but are laying the foundation for the next generation to thrive. As a Canadian it should make us extremely optimistic as to what we will accomplish together.

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