TCS 104. Investing, Pricing Strategies, and Adapting in Heavy Industries

TCS 103. Leadership & Business Narratives, Mining Innovations, and Concrete Giants
June 25, 2024
TCS 105. Insights on Heap Leach Failures, Public Perception, & Leadership
July 12, 2024

TCS 104. Investing, Pricing Strategies, and Adapting in Heavy Industries

They highlight the critical importance of avoiding pitfalls over seeking immediate success in heavy industries.

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The Crownsmen Show explores the concept of inversion in investing, inspired by Charlie Munger’s wisdom. They emphasize advocating for a mindset that focuses on avoiding pitfalls rather than seeking immediate success. Applying this philosophy to pricing strategies in heavy industries, they discuss the implications of raising product prices and the importance of considering customer reactions and market positioning relative to competitors. The episode also introduces the “6 Types of Thinking Hats,” a framework for structured decision-making that encourages comprehensive analysis from various perspectives. Here are some highlights of the episode:

How to thrive in the Heavy Industry Market – Challenges and Strategies
The conversation begins with Rory expressing the daunting task smaller companies face in competing against industry giants like Caterpillar and Komatsu. Highlighting the industry’s conservative procurement habits, Roy emphasizes the risk aversion associated with adopting new technologies, echoing the adage “nobody ever got fired for buying IBM.”

Their conversation pivots to reflect on the early days of Mining Now, where Jerrod recounts the uphill battle of convincing stakeholders to invest in unproven content formats. Roy underscores the pivotal role of content quality and storytelling in engaging audiences and gaining industry traction. The trio discusses the role of risk-taking and early adoption in industry innovation, drawing parallels between marketing new ideas and launching new products in other sectors.

Customers see value in paying more for specialized solutions:
They spotlight Movex Innovation’s remote-controlled material-handling equipment and electric material-handling solutions that are safe and reliable for jobs in confined spaces, stairs and hard-to-reach areas. From smelter plants to utility sectors, Movex’s ability to swiftly swap heavy transformers during crises like snowstorms highlights its critical role in infrastructure resilience. Despite their premium pricing, Movex remains unmatched in its niche, carving a distinct space separate from industry giants like Caterpillar.

Learn More about Movex

The conversation shifts to Anton Paar, renowned for its uncompromising quality in mining and beyond. Privately held and globally influential, Anton Paar exemplifies how specialization can command premium pricing across diverse sectors. Their precision instruments, from alcohol meters to robotic automation, underscore their commitment to excellence and innovation.

Learn More about Anton Paar

Qnergy’s PowerGen utilizes thermal power to generate electricity, compatible with a wide range of combustible gaseous fuels. It features patented QB80 Series Stirling Engines, offering reliable and affordable electricity to remote areas worldwide lacking established power grids.

Learn More about Qnergy

Powered by SFC Energy, the H₂Genset is a mobile generator using hydrogen. It provides flexible power for areas without access to the grid, like construction sites, outdoor events, and emergency situations. It can be used for temporary power for telecommunication masts and as a mobile emergency generator without requiring foundations or planning permission.

Learn More about SFC Energy

They also discuss how new technologies, like Tesla’s advancements in electric vehicles, can disrupt established markets. Roy explores the philosophy behind engineering designs, using shaft design in mining as an example. Meanwhile, Jerrod and Rory examine the challenges of manufacturing in the automotive sector, contrasting the slow evolution of traditional vehicles with the rapid advancements in electric vehicle technology.

The Team

Hosts by: Jerrod Downey, Rory Bamford, and Roy Slack
Crownsmen’s Executive Producer: Rory Bamford (contact for booking)
Director and Co-Host: Gaudy Molina

Crownsmen Partners: Website | LinkedIn | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube | Twitter | Rumble | Spotify

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