TWCBS 05. Inside the Ring: Unmasking Boxing’s Secrets with Sugarrays Professional Boxing Gym

TWCBS 04. The Tap & Barrel Story + Leadership, Cultures & Pickleball with Daniel Frankel
December 12, 2023

TWCBS 05. Inside the Ring: Unmasking Boxing’s Secrets with Sugarrays Professional Boxing Gym

Discover the darker side of the sport through Bob's writing in "FORCE," as he exposes cheating, corruption, and manipulation in boxing.

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Dive into the riveting world of boxing with the latest episode of “The West Coast Business Show,” featuring hosts William Donnellan and Jerrod Downey. In this engaging conversation, they welcome a special guest, Robert (Bob) McAdam, the CEO at Sugarrays and a prominent figure in the boxing community.

Jerrod leads the discussion by introducing Bob McAdam and delving into his personal history, covering topics such as his upbringing, the commencement of his boxing journey, and his move to Canada in 2004. Meanwhile, William explores the fascinating story of how Bob initiated a boxing gym, highlighting the challenges faced during the early days and the growth of the club, including the intriguing tales of Irish and Canadian boxers, such as the legendary Tommy Burns.

The conversation takes an insightful turn as Jerrod explores Bob’s venture into writing with “FORCE: A NO-HOLDS-BARRED INSIDER’S VIEW OF BOXING.” The CEO at Sugarrays provides a candid examination of the darker aspects of the sport, unraveling issues of cheating, corruption, and manipulation within boxing. The hosts further discuss real boxing training versus mere workouts, the evolving boxing scene in Vancouver, and the transformative impact of the sport on the community, offering viewers a comprehensive and enlightening glimpse into the world of boxing. Don’t miss this dynamic episode filled with compelling narratives and thought-provoking insights.

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Speaker: Robert ( Bob ) Mcadam – CEO
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