MN 140. Inside Mining’s Best-Kept Secrets with Silvercorp Metals: Global Impact on Mining and Communities

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August 10, 2023
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MN 140. Inside Mining’s Best-Kept Secrets with Silvercorp Metals: Global Impact on Mining and Communities

Silvercorp's innovative approach to sustainable practices, community engagement, and strategic investments is reshaping the industry.

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In this episode, our guest, Lon Shaver, Vice-President of Silvercorp Metals Inc, provides a comprehensive overview of the company’s growth trajectory, investments, and operational strategies.

The episode delves into the multi-faceted aspects of Silvercorp Metals Inc, shedding light on their diverse portfolio that includes mining operations, investments, and financial strengths. Lon Shaver breaks down their investment portfolio, highlighting their stake in another promising public company, New Pacific, which is focused on innovative mining projects in Bolivia. The discussion covers the company’s prudent financial management, its ability to generate substantial cash flows, and its strategic approach to acquisitions.

A significant part of the conversation centers around the company’s approach to sustainability and corporate responsibility. Silvercorp Metals Inc stands out with its commitment to environmental conservation, demonstrated by their water treatment and recycling efforts. The discussion also touches upon their proactive engagement with local communities, including investments in education, infrastructure, and waste management, showcasing their commitment to leaving a positive impact.

The conversation concludes with insights into Silvercorp Metals Inc’s expansion into international markets, such as the Philippines, where their successful operations in China serve as a valuable reference for their strategies. Overall, this episode provides a deep dive into the innovative practices, financial strengths, and sustainable approaches that make Silvercorp Metals Inc a leader in the mining industry.

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Guest Speaker: Lon Shaver – Vice-President
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