MN 163. Inside MASPRO’s Approach to Strong Leadership in Mining

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January 17, 2024
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MN 163. Inside MASPRO’s Approach to Strong Leadership in Mining

MASPRO shares insights on team culture, leadership development, and the company's commitment to technology and innovation.

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In this episode, we have the pleasure of hosting Greg Kennard, the Managing Director of MASPRO, a leading player in the field of Underground Hard Rock Mining. Greg, with his extensive experience, takes us through his journey from working on the shop floor in Sydney’s wire business to envisioning and building MASPRO into a powerhouse of manufacturing and employment. We delve into MASPRO’s competitive advantage, focusing on providing immense value for Underground Hard Rock Mining, and explore their positioning statement.

Moving on, Greg emphasizes the importance of creating a strong team culture, quoting Jeff Gothelf on the shift from lone-wolf heroism to team collaboration. He shares insights into developing strong leadership skills and fostering an environment where each team member’s strengths shine through. Links and images further enhance the understanding of MASPRO’s team-centric approach.

The episode then shifts gears to discuss MASPRO’s commitment to technology, innovation, and efficient processes. Greg sheds light on how the company selects quality machines, leverages the latest technology, and keeps the team updated. The discussion extends to the unique sales training MASPRO has designed and the process of engaging with prospects to deliver outstanding results. Again, links and images supplement the conversation.

Distribution, partnerships, and a client-focused business approach take center stage as Greg explains MASPRO’s strategic distribution centers, understanding client pain points, and providing long-term solutions. The episode concludes with a forward-looking perspective on the industry, addressing carbon footprints, the transition to EV and solar, ESG goals in Underground Hard Rock Mining, sustainability measures underground, and the evolving landscape driven by the demand for base metals and lithium.

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Guest Speaker: Greg Kennard – Managing Director
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