Industrial Automated Rail Systems for Mining

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June 14, 2018
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June 30, 2018

Industrial Automated Rail Systems for Mining

Mining companies and associated stakeholders are always pushing to make the operations more productive and profitable. Crownsmen Partners President Jerrod Downey and Director of Management and Training Gaudy Molina interview Marcus de Paz, Global Sales, Commercial and Business Development Manager at Bombardier Inc. during the Crownsmen Podcast to understand how automation can be the answer to profitability issues in mines.

Bombardier has global operations in providing solutions for underground mining and in Canada, Bombardier operates in partnership with Nordic Minesteel Technologies (NMT), a Canadian company and Schalke (Schalker Eisenhütte Maschinenfabrik GmbH) which provides locomotives and Bombardier provides the train signalling solutions. According to de Paz, automated mining solutions cover various options which include driverless vehicles. These solutions not only make the mining operations safer but also make them more profitable by reducing operating costs. The machines can work in hazardous terrain for much longer without having the need for an operator to be present and thus, reduce the chances of injury.  “When we implemented our solution in Chile (for a mine) we increased capacity from 30,000 tons to more than 100,00 so not only we helped the mine be more profitable we also were able to make them haul more material than before” says de Paz.


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