Flexible Food Packaging


Custom Printed Flexible Food & Beverage Packaging - Stand Up Pouches & Bags

Our Flexible Food Packaging and Pouches gives our customers almost endless options including packaging for everything from dry to frozen to vacuum sealed including...
  • Coffee & Tea
  • Wine
  • Jerky & Meat Snacks
  • Vacuum Packed Food (bacon, ham, etc)
  • Packaged Fresh Food (shredded cheese, deli meats, etc.)
  • Frozen Fruit & Vegetable Bags
  • Dry Food Packaging (Pasta, Rice, Beans, etc.)

Quality Food Packaging Products

All our packaging is based on an environmental management systems compliant with the FSSC 2200 standard and is high quality food packaging materials. Our functional packaging is suitable for high temperature pasteurization that have excellent barrier properties, low-temperature resistance, direct deposition method technology, and tint coating.

Seal and Opening Options

Food packaging requires packaging material that protects contents and provides convenience to customers. We provide everything from tear-tab, leather pattern printing techniques, amd anti-forgery patterns. Food packaging products are manufactured at a state of the art factory with scientific quality control, and the absolute highest quality materials but at incredibly competitive rates for both the US and Canadian Market.

Custom Printing and Branding Food Packaging

Your flexible food packaging and pouches will be printed to your exact specification with the highest standard of printing used ensuring your packaging is ready for the shelves and your customers.

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